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Why do you need a magnetic case for iPhone?

There is a list of questions that most of you have been in your mind. Here we just tried to solve that, so you can have the transparency whether to buy or not.

Q. Do I really need a case for my iPhone 11?
A. We all think that iPhone 11 should be more resistant to crack or break than the past iPhone series. But the recent drop test has unveiled it. The conclusion of the test says this glass of the iPhone can still crack. Here we advise you to cover your iPhone to avoid any kind of risk of breaking and cracking.
Q. What is the use of the iPhone 12 magnet when using a case?
A. While using the case the magnet in iPhone 12 is of no use. Now we move to the permanent solution, you can use Kumonics Magnetic Clear Case. You don't need to uncover it on & on as it has an in-built magnet in the case.


Q. Why should an iPhone holder use a Magnetic case? A. To protect your iPhone from breaking, cracking, and scratching you should use a case. If we talk about the magnetic case, so it allows you to charge your iPhone wirelessly. Additionally, it lets you use other MagSafe accessories such as car mounts, bike mounts, magnetic wallet, and many more.
You may know that iPhone 12 has an in-built magnet that also supports wireless charging but the past Apple iPhones don't have this feature. Now all the owners of series X and 11 can upgrade their iPhone with just 1,499 rupees. Click now to buy iPhone case for series X or here for iPhone 11.


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