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What is a Magnetic case and why you should buy this

A Magnetic case is a case that makes your iPhone compatible with MagSafe charger or wireless charger. The Magnetic case has in-built magnet which makes it eligible to support fast charging without even inserting the cable.

There is not an only reason to buy this but many:

  1. One of the most amazing thing is that you can use it while on charger. You can rotate your iPhone on any degree you are comfortable in. It stays attached as it has a strong grip.

  2. If you are an iPhone 12 user, you have in-built magnet in your phone but due to safety causes you won't feel like to uncover that phone case whenever using to charge. Then Magnetic case comes to give you the same effect without even removing the case.


  3. If you aren't an iPhone 12 holder and own any iPhone of X or 11 series then this case has been designed just for you. It wouldn't let you feel that you are not a 12 holder. If you really want to experience this brilliant case compatible with MagSafe for your iPhone X and 11 then buy today.

  4. One of the best things of having a Magnetic case is it makes us look cool and upgraded.

The chance of buying increases when we talk about Kumonics MagSafe clear case as it has number of features that must gonna attract you. We not only try to make it stylish but also focus on safety purposes to protect your iPhone from force and shock.

This clear case has Nano anti-coating layer, invisible airbag layer, and high elastic silicon layer to buffer the force. Now I don't think there can be any chance of not buying or liking this amazing and the coolest Magnetic case compatible with MagSafe.

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