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Questions related to MagSafe cases

Q. Does MagSafe or Magnetic case work through a case?
A. Not all cases work through a case. The cases that have in-built magnet are compatible with your iPhone.

Q. Can I use a MagSafe charger without a MagSafe or Magnetic case?
A. If you are using an iPhone of series 12 then you don't need any MagSafe case as it already has in-built magnet. If you do not have the one then you need to buy a MagSafe or Magnetic case to give it a  magnetic effect.

Q. Is there any case compatible with MagSafe accessories for iPhone XS?
A. Yes, there is Kumonics iPhone case for series X, 11, and 12 compatible with MagSafe accessories. 


Q. From where can I buy branded iPhone case compatible with MagSafe accessories or car mount charger for iPhone series X, 11, and 12?
A. You can buy branded magnetic case of any series of X, 11, and 12 from Kumonics.com.

Q. Why should I buy Magnetic case?
A. If you plan to use your phone with car mounts, bike mounts or other accessories then Magnetic cases become a must experience thing for you. You can use your iPhone while on charger and rotate at any degree without any kind of disturbance.


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