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Questions generally asked about earphones & headset

Generally asked Questions by people about
earphones & headset

Q. Why should someone not buy cheap earphones & headset?
A. Cheap earphones & headsets can damage your ears. When you get permanent damage in the inner ear then there is no other way to cure them.
Q. How to prevent hearing loss while using earphones & headset?
A. It is the most important that most people ask. Do not listen to music on high volume and always try to make it low. 
Many times people turn up the volume just to cover up the outside noise, it can hurt your ears. Do not do this ever as it is too risky and has the potential to damage your ears badly.
Instead of it, you should use a headset with NOISE CANCELLATION. It kills unnecessary sound and you wouldn't need to turn up the level of volume just to listen carefully.
Always buy a Bluetooth or headset with noise cancellation to prevent ears from damaging.
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