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Which Wireless Bluetooth Headset or Earphone is best for Sports & Commuters

Here we have talked about the best Wireless Bluetooth Headset or Bluetooth Earphone for Sports & Commuters

Before buying any Wireless Headset or Earphone one thing should be in your mind, which purpose you are buying for? I have divided the best Bluetooth Headset or Earphone in two categories.

For Work-out, Cycling, sports, gym, and other related activities

If you are buying for this purpose then nothing can be better than Ambar Wireless Bluetooth Headset EF01. It can be used while cycling, gym, working out, dancing, and running. Let us tell you that it is waterproof and sweatproof with the best sound quality.

It takes 1.5 hours to full charge and can work 8+ hours non stop while it’s standby time is 250+ hours. Really comfortable to wear and comes with three ear-tips to ensure the best fit. Click on this link to see many other details and to buy Bluetooth Wireless Headset EFO1.


For Businessmen, Driving Professionals, and commuters

If you are the one who always has to receive and make calls then this device is just made for you. We have seen many businessmen, driving professionals, commuters and the one who loves to talk to people. They have to be on call continuously for hours, have to travel from one core to another and be in a crowded area most of the time. Hence, we have designed Kumonics Wireless Bluetooth Headset BH08 with mute button and charging case.

It has CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation and takes 1.5-2 hours to charge full. You are all set to use it for 8+ hours (continuous talk or music) on single charging while its standby time is 160+ hours.

It prompts SIRI and Google Assistant. One thing that makes it unusual from others is its mute feature. You don’t need to decline a call every time simply mute it. It becomes handsfree as you don’t need to take your phone on & on just use Headset. You can connect it simultaneously with two devices. This Wireless Bluetooth Headset is compatible with all the devices supporting bluetooth connection.

You can buy it easily at very reasonable price. You will also get a portable charging case.

Questions generally asked by people:

Q. What is Noise Cancellation in Wireless Bluetooth devices?
A. Noise Cancellation is the feature that reduces an unwanted background noise including noise of wind, crowd, and traffic.

Q. Is Noise Cancellation harmful for your ears?
A. The answer is no, even it helps to decrease the risk of ear damaging. Most of the people listen to music at high volume almost throughout the day and sometimes we increase the volume of our headphones to cover-up the outside noise. This effects our ears badly. So this newly introduced feature in headsets help to decrease the chances of ear damage.

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